What kind of traveler are you?


Last Updated on December 14, 2020

© pexels A travel destination can say a lot about someone and their personality. We all have different tastes and desires, and when the holiday season comes, some of us may want to relax at the beach, while others prefer exploring a new country. So, what types of travelers are there? And which one are you? Curious to find out? Keep reading and see what is your dream vacation and what it says about you!

1. Going On A Cruise

You have expensive taste. After all, cruises are not the cheapest option on the menu, but they are one of the best choices if you’re looking for a little bit of everything. Cruises work all year long but more popular during summer due to their amazing outdoor pools and deck parties. Normally, people buy their ticket to the cruise with everything included, food, accommodation, insurance, transfers, and so on, which can be very appellative to those who don’t want to stress about stuff. Sure it may be expensive, but it will bring you peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of. Besides, on a cruise, you can visit different cities and countries every other day, making it a great combination of everything you could wish for! A little bit of tourism mixed with relaxation. This is the choice of those who highly value an easy and smooth experience, with no big hassle or stress.

2. Backpacking in Europe

One thing’s for sure, you’re not lazy! Backpacking is a tough experience, all the walking, carrying your stuff everywhere in big bags during the hot summer days. It is definitely a challenging task, but it can be very enriching to you as a person. You love spontaneity, and every day shouldn’t be the same in your book! You enjoy walking, sightseeing and taking your time. Backpacking gives you freedom, freedom to go anywhere you want whenever you want. You meet new people, make amazing connections while staying in different hostels, and you just love feeling like you’re in control!

3. A spiritual retreat

You are a person that values their well-being and health, not only physically but emotionally as well. That’s why you enjoy escaping to these small retreats in hidden paradises to connect with others, nature, and of course, yourself. Even if a dreamer, you’re very grounded. You like being aware of your surroundings and often wonder about the meaning of life. A spiritual retreat is often advised to those who have experienced or are dealing with loss, anxiety, or depression. Daily routines and everyday life can get tiring and damage our minds and bodies over time, so there’s nothing like going on a retreat to let it all go.



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