Here Are The Airline Perks You Need To Take Advantage Of

Chauffeur ride from and to the airport


Since a long time ago, airlines used to provide this premium flight perk where they offer you a chauffeur to take you from and to the airport.

It was offered to first-class and business passengers, but many airlines stopped offering this perk unless you purchase one of the highest fare classes, and forget about the award travelers.

However, Emirates Airlines in Dubai still offers complimentary arrival and departure transfers for all the first-class and business customers, especially those who travel on frequent flyer awards.

So next time you book a ticket with this airline, make sure to ask about it and you will definitely be allowed to claim it.

Complimentary spa treatment


Nobody wants to spend a lot of time at the airport, waiting for the delayed flight while watching travelers coming and going.

So, if you are entitled to deluxe self-care options, then you can take advantage of receiving spa treatments or massages. This is a reality if you are traveling with the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in London.

Visitors would receive one complimentary treatment from a menu of services like therapeutic oil back massages, facials, buff manicure, creative dry hairstyle for the ladies, and a neck tidy for the gentlemen.

Also, the American Express Centurion lounges in New York, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Miami offer 15 minutes manicures and massages.




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