Reviving Your Romance? 7 Destinations To Help You With That

St. Lucia


Somewhere in the tropical lands exits St.Lucia. It is the perfect spot for a romantic vacation. The rainforest located in between the mountains is certainly a place to bond with yourself and your partner quietly in nature.

This earthly paradise is located down the Eastern Caribbean part between St.Vincent, in the north of Barbados, and Martinique. This gorgeous island is exportable by either a boat or a helicopter.

Together with your partner, you can try something crazy and new like going to a health and wellness spa, having a banana plantation tour and maybe experiencing scuba diving. Not to mention the waters which seem as blue and clear as the sky.

Don’t worry, you won’t starve. The Island is very rich in nutritional resources, inclusive of tasty seafood, vegetables, and fruits. For a surprise we are not going to tell you about, go pay a visit to one of the island’s fishing villages and you will be amazed.



It goes without saying that Hawaii and romance are two sides of the same coin. If you asked a travel agent about the best place to spend your honeymoon, the answer will be mostly Maldives and Hawaii.

The waterfalls, the evening walks, the sandy beaches, and the fresh air are just breath-taking details. Plus, the essential ingredient in Valentine is chocolate of which Hawaii is the only exporter in the US.

Hawaii is, in fact, an archipelago which includes six islands. You can go with your partner for surfing or scuba diving on the Big Island. Are you ready for some Aloha time? You must be.

The blues skies, the tropical weather, the volcanic mountains, and the natural scenery are all spicy additions to your romantic journey. As a matter of fact, last minute travel vacation packages can be sometimes quite affordable, so keep in touch with a travel agency to notify you of any new offers.




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