5 Of The Most Beautiful Countries You’ll Ever See


Last Updated on March 11, 2021

4. Switzerland

Speaking of the Alps, another country that made it to the most beautiful countries on the planet is Switzerland. No matter when you are traveling to it, you will easily conclude that it is simply gorgeous. In wintertime, Switzerland becomes a wonderland due to the frozen lakes galore and powdery ski slopes. If you want to touch the impeccable natural beauty of the country, then you may want to book an Airbnb in Zermatt, which is a ski town that is so pure that it even sells bottles of its air -that’s a fact! Not a fan of winter, get a plane to visit the country in the summertime where you can swim freely in natural swimming pools in Zurich’s badi or just be in awe of Lake Geneva’s picturesque banks.

5. Mauritius

An island in the middle of the Indian Ocean won the hearts of millions with unique, unbelievable beauty! Mauritius is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Although it may look a bit too far to reach, it’s actually very accessible; many airlines offer nonstop flights. Did you know that Mauritius has an underwater waterfall? It might sound like a Spongebob kind of stuff, but this waterfall is a visually stunning runoff of sand that, from above, looks like a waterfall. Moreover, Mauritius is home to the stunning turquoise lagoons and beaches that are rich with marine life. This great touristic destination is not only one of the beautiful countries, but one of the world’s best islands!


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