The 7 Most Mysterious Places Your Travel Guide Will Not Mention


Last Updated on March 3, 2021

4. Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

Ise Grand Shrine is the most sacred shrine complex that is dedicated to the sun Goddess Amaterasu. It dates back to the 3rd century, which is why it receives up to 7 million visitors every year. However, no one is allowed to access it, except priests and the Imperial family members. The only way you can admire the holy shrine is from behind many rows of fences, making it one of the most mysterious places in the world.

5. The ghost town of Varosha, Cyprus

The city of Famagusta used to be the top tourist destination in Cyprus due to its incredible resort, Varosha. But in July 1974, everything changed because of a mass evacuation. Today, it’s a mysterious place because some Turkish troops invaded it and it remained fenced off. It’s basically a forming part of the buffer zone that is patrolled by the Turkish army.

6. Sable Island, Canada

There is a sandy island situated in the Atlantic with a population of 30 people only! Sable Island is known for its very unique features and location, in fact, the people living there are mostly scientists, Canadian staff, and those running the weather station on the island. Sable Island was declared a nature reserve, and it’s now home to many wild horses that are living on the island happily and free. If you really want to explore this mysterious place, you have to write a petition to Canada’s government explaining the reasons behind the trip.

7. Lascaux Cave, France

In Southwestern France, there is a Palaeolithic case that tells the story of ancient humans in up to 600 paintings, which are mostly about animals. It’s called the Lascaux Cave, and it’s added to the UNESCO World Heritage. But you can’t explore it! This historic cave was opened to the public for a few years, but tourists were about to damage it all. To preserve it, no one is allowed to the Lascaux anymore, making it a great mysterious place. If you are interested in exploring it, you don’t have to book a flight for it. Take a virtual tour now!


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