10 Easy Ways To Make Traveling Easier On Your Body

When we decide to travel, we know it is going to be a little grueling and debilitating, but also, it will definitely be restorative and invigorating. If you haven’t felt that at the same time before, then perhaps, you haven’t yet understood the magic of travel!

However, whether you are a frequent traveler or not, you need to understand that the process of nourishing your mind and soul should not be done on the price of tiring your body.

Many people decide to go full force by challenging themselves to go beyond what their bodies are capable of, but they should understand that the process of going across oceans and time zones is enough to take its toll on their bodies.

Thankfully, there are many accessories and strategies that can make traveling a lot easier on us, that’s if you want to keep up with your ambitions during the trip. After all, your travel insurance will not be able to cover for your lack of enthusiasm after your exhaust your body during the trip!


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The right gear

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Before going to the airport, we mostly try to wear some of our most comfortable outfits because we know it is not always going to be a comfortable flight. But the best thing to do is invest in some travel gear that can add much more physical comfort, here are a few examples:

• Compressions socks: They can keep the circulation going within your veins, keeping you from having bloated feet, and protecting you from deep vein thrombosis, especially during a long-haul flight.

• If you take medications or supplements, then you can get a pill organizer that can help you keep them straight for your entire trip. However, always keep the prescriptions and the original labeled containers with you because some countries have restrictive laws about controlled substances.

• In case you experience pain in the flight, you can use the decongestant nasal spray that will help you manage problems caused by rapid altitude changes in the aircraft. The spray can minimize pressure and protect your ears from plugging by shrinking sinus tissues.

The best seat

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Your body will be extremely grateful if you invested your money in an upgrade on long flights!

You don’t have to get the seat that can lie flat, but adding a few dollars to get more legroom or to escape the middle seat can be really worth it. After all, you are already paying money for the ticket, so a few extra dollars to purchase your comfort is completely worth it.

You can choose between the window seats or the aisle seats, depending on whether you like to get a glimpse of your city from above or if you’d like to move around freely. In both cases, you know you will land somewhat rested.

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Take a cab

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You will be adding a lot of stress if you decided to drive yourself to the airport: You will have to find a parking spot, drag your heavy bags through the lot, get on/off the crowded shuttle bus, and then dive into full-strength airport craziness… that’s more than one can endure for an average week!

The best solution is to simply take a cab, Uber or rideshare that will take you from your house to the airport comfortably, drop you off at the departure terminal directly, and will not even cost you the same price for the long-term parking if you don’t live that far from the airport!

Give yourself time

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In order not to end up running through the airport while carrying your heavy bags and sweating like a maniac through the crowds, you should leave your house or hotel a little early. Plus, you will not be stressing over missing your flight!

You should apply the same rule during your trip in order to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy your activities freely because rushing from one museum to another while handling the crowds can be mentally and physically draining.

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Hotel with an elevator


Some people don’t pay attention to this one, but it is important to book a hotel with elevators, especially if you picked a room on a high floor.

Of course, historic hotels and traditional lodgings could give you a better “cultural” experience. But if you know that climbing stairs will be challenging for you, then ask if there is an elevator available to all floors.

Challenging yourself is good, but not when you have a week or more of activities that need your full energy and good well-being!

Check a bag


Somehow, it became more expensive to check bags than ever before, but truth to be told, it will make your traveling process a lot easier.

It is worth spending a few extra dollars and to allow the airline to handle your heavy luggage in order to avoid hauling your bags through the airport, especially if you were already late or you have a few children in hand that you need to keep an eye on.

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Eat carefully


It is a new country with a completely different culture and rich cuisine, it is normal that you want to risk your stomach and take a bite of everything. However, you still need to be mindful about it!

Keep in mind that a sudden change in your diet can cause a few issues in your digestive system, and you truly don’t want to spend the rest of your vacation in the hotel’s bathroom holding the toilet! You can start by eating a few familiar foods and then introduce yourself to the new dishes gradually.



According to physically challenged and older travelers, practicing daily and light exercises can be very helpful to feel less stiff. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should take a few hours out of your day and spend it at the gym unless, of course, you are following an exercise routine.

Practicing a light exercise could mean spending a few hours at the hotel pool, going for a walk, or for a quick hike to discover the country from another angle.

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Jet lag recovery plan


One of the things that everyone struggles with, the young and old, the healthy and the physically-challenged people, is the jet lag!

It can cause headaches, fatigue, insomnia, dry eyes, and many other symptoms. There are many supplements you can try that can help you cope with the exhaustion, but you have to discuss it with your doctor first.

Also, there are a few apps that can help you adjust your sleep schedules in advance, like Timeshifter (available on Android and iOS).

Ask for early check-in and late checkout

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If there is a gap of time between the check-in/checkout time and your flight, then don’t hesitate to ask for more time in your hotel room. You truly don’t have to be homeless in a country that you don’t know anything about or cause soreness to your muscles from sitting too long on the airport seats!

If the room is not going to be busy during that time, the hotel will not have a problem to give you a few extra hours. In fact, they will be happy to do so! You should always think of better ways to help you be more comfortable during your vacation… Your body deserves it!

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