14 Rude Airplane Habits You Should Stop Doing!

Last Updated on January 15, 2020

Common sense dictates that we are polite to each other on every occasion, but there is a need to reinforce that idea when it comes to airplane etiquette. When you book a trip, you already know that it isn’t going to be all rainbows and sunshine and that there is a chance you are going to come across annoying situations. But you need to keep in mind that being on a plane means that you can’t get away and you can’t leave your seat, which means you will just have to deal with it, preferably without being nasty. So, here are some of the rude things passengers do on a plane – and that you definitively should avoid!


1. Bring Smelly Food On Board

Your table tray is there for a reason, and we know plane food can be quite expensive, but if you decide that you want to bring your own flood into the plane, try not to bring any food that has a strong smell to it. These kinds of odors will spread, and it can be uncomfortable to the person on the plane seat next to you to have to put up with the smell of your tuna sandwich. Plus, you should also be mindful regarding your own body odor – take a shower before getting into the plan and wear deodorant. You will not only be making the lives of your fellow passengers easier, but flight attendants will also appreciate this kind of common sense.

2. Take Pictures Of Other Passengers

This is simply good manners: do not take unauthorized pictures of people you don’t know and especially don’t mock people for what they are wearing or for what they are enjoying. Unless they are doing something that endangers someone or being violent towards someone, this is super disrespectful.

3. Make Noise

They teach you in school that keeping your voice down is a vital part of good behavior, and just because you are sky high it doesn’t mean you need to forget about that lesson. This also applies to watching a movie without earbuds, for example, or to playing video games with the sound turned on to maximum volume.

4. Turn The Plane Into A Spa

You don’t need to be an etiquette expert to be aware of how rude it is to use the plane as your own personal spa. The plane is merely a means of transportation, so try to not take over the place with your beauty treatments – do not paint your nails, do not lay back with your shoes off and especially do not use the airplane toilet for time-consuming beauty-related purposes while other people are waiting.

5. Ignore Armrest Protocol

Armrest protocol dictates that the person sitting by the aisle gets the aisle armrest, the one sitting by the window can use the window armrest, and the one sitting in the middle gets to use both chair armrests. When sharing armrests, it’s important to be mindful and try to not take up all the space.

6. Have Zero Regard For Personal Space

You need to share a small space with people when you are on a plane, and that is just how things go. However, how you decide to act regarding the space you have is the real concern here. Airplane tips? Be cautious about sneezing and about coughing, try not to brush your hair and avoid physical contact with other passengers – do not touch them with your feet just because you want to be more comfortable and want to stretch your legs, for example.

7. Be Rude To Flight Attendants

We are saying flight attendants but we could literally mean every person who serves you in any circumstance. Be aware that service people put up with a lot of rude and entitled people who don’t really know how to fit in other people’s shoes. Do not raise your voice at flight attendants, be polite and appreciate their contribution to making your flight safe and comfortable.

8. Glare At Parents Of Crying Babies

Of course, no one enjoys being stuck in a small place for hours and still having to deal with a baby screaming. But still, this is no valid reason to give the stink-eye to the baby’s parents. They are probably embarrassed enough as it is, and having judgment from third parties will only make the situation worse. Keep in mind that parents do their best to make sure their children are silent, and also keep in mind that the baby is not old enough to know right from wrong.

9. Let Your Children Run Wild

Of course, parents also have responsibilities, and even though babies can’t be held accountable for screaming, children running wild and bothering the other passengers is kind of the parent’s job to avoid. Kids jumping on their seat or using the table tray as a drum is simply lack of good manners.

10. Taking Off Your Shoes

Once again, this is not your home, this is not a spa, and it can be pretty uncomfortable to travel next to someone who simply takes of their smelly shoes and simply wiggles their toes around.

11. Time Bathroom Breaks Poorly

Sometimes when we have to go, we have to go, and when it comes to long flights it is kind of hard to avoid using the bathroom. But if your flight is short, go to the bathroom before embarking – and please, do not try to use the plane bathroom right after boarding, since this can slow down the departure process.

12. Pick A Fight With Another Passenger

It is super unnecessary to pick a fight with someone you don’t know and with whom you will only share a couple of hours. So, if someone’s attitude is bothering you, talk to them directly but politely and avoid being loud or unnecessarily rude.

13. Recline Into Someone’s Knees

The reclining option is really good for people who want a bit of extra comfort, but you need to remember that other people deserve comfort too. So, if you must recline your seat, do it in a way you won’t end up basically laying on the lap of the person who is sitting behind you.

14. Exit Before The People Ahead Of You

Just like a bus, everyone wants to exit the plane, but be considerate enough not to jump ahead of the people who are in front of you, and this criterion applies even if you have no luggage. However, if you are about to catch a second flight and there is a chance you might miss that connection, you can and should share that concern with a flight attendant and ask for their assistance to leave the plane faster.



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