7 Surprising Little Things That Can Get You Arrested In A Foreign Country

If you are a travel enthusiast, you know well that traveling is not only about discovering and exploring new destinations, but about finding, testing, and challenging yourself.

Hence, apart from experiencing the excitement of traveling solo in an unknown city or country, traveling is a great opportunity to meet new faces, discover new cultures, and explore a different and interesting side of yourself which you probably have no idea about!

Traveling is definitely a healthy and rewarding activity that can change you forever after. However, you can easily ruin it if you didn’t plan your trip properly.

For instance, once you pick your travel destination, book your flight ticket, and the hotel room, you should find time to grab your laptop and learn more about your destination’s local laws and rules to avoid any undesirable issues that can easily ruin your vacation.

Some countries can even arrest you for breaking their rules and laws even if you are a tourist.

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Collecting Seashells, Feeding Fish, And Carrying Play Cards Is Prohibited In Thailand

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Yes, you read it right! This might be the weirdest thing you will ever hear but it’s a fact. So, next time you are in Thailand, make sure you respect their laws or you will easily end up spending your long-awaited trip in jail.

No matter how beautiful the seashells and corals look, fight your temptation and collect them not. You might need to hear the story of Russian tourists who bought some souvenirs and then were taken into custody. The girls paid $2,000 each to save themselves from spending one whole year in jail.

And guess what? That’s not everything as when you are in Thailand, you should also avoid feeding the fish living in waters. The latter is considered a crime and you might be imprisoned for one whole year.

Also, playing cards while sunbathing might not be a great idea as the local law prohibits the possession of more than 120 playing cards. Once you become a suspect of gambling or caught with more than 2 card decks, you will be directly taken to jail.



Swearing In Australia

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That’s funny but darling swearing when talking to Australians is definitely not a good idea! So, baby, don’t try ! Not even for the sake of joking because you will end up arrested and spend your long-awaited vacation in prison.

Swearing in public places is not only considered rude and disrespectful in Australia but also as an act that breaks the local law. That’s not everything as Australia even punishes everyone who tries to do so including tourists.

To stay safe and guarantee you enjoy your time there to the fullest, avoid swearing at all costs!



Connecting To Somebody’s Wi-Fi In Singapore

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Let’s face it! We are all somehow addicted to our smartphones and we find it hard to survive without them! We are all the time checking our apps’ notifications and friends’ stories on Instagram, Snapchat, and the list is way too long.

However, it happens that sometimes when we are not connected to the internet, we don’t hesitate to connect to an open Wi-Fi spot to have access to all the new updates. While doing so might seem okay in your mother country, connecting to someone’s Wi-Fi without notifying them in Singapore can get you arrested.

According to the country’s local law, this act is considered a hacker attack and you might end up punished with 3 years of imprisonment. So, you’d better be more careful!



Not Carrying Your ID And Bringing Medicine To Japan

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Japan is with no doubt a destination that you should visit before you die! It is a lifetime experience that will linger in your memory forever after. However, if you are already planning to visit it anytime soon, then, make sure that you take time to learn more about its laws and rules.

For instance, not carrying your ID with you can get you into real trouble! If the police asked you for your ID but you don’t have it nor the other important documents that can help them identify who you are, you can get imprisoned for 23 days.

Also, you should be careful when it comes to packing your medicine for the trip to Japan. And that’s simply because many drugs are prohibited including those used to ease flu and cold. Hence, to avoid being arrested at the airport and ruining your trip, make sure you check the list of prohibited medicine in Japan.



Dabbing And Eating Can Get You Arrested In Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is widely known for its strict laws and rules and daring to break them is definitely not a wise idea! So, if you are willing to visit it anytime soon, you should be careful and learn a lot about the country to avoid any issues.

When in Saudi Arabia, you should understand any small mistake can cost you dearly! For instance, even a move like dabbing from a popular dance can get you into prison and that’s because the country’s local authorities strongly believe that the move reminds people of the side effect of taking illicit drugs.

Also, if you are visiting Saudi Arabia during the Ramadan, which the Muslims’ month of fasting, don’t drink or eat in public places. Otherwise, you will end up being arrested and deported.



Giving Food To The Homeless In The US

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Not all tourists are aware of this strict law, but residents of the American town of Fort Lauderdale in Florida know well how serious it can be to feed the homeless people in public. By doing so, you will end up spending some good time in jail.

A 9-year-old priest from a local church in the town has cooked some good food and decided to feed the needy. Consequently, he ended up being arrested and spent about 2 months in Jail.

If you want to do some charity, there is a special process to go through. For instance, you should get an official permit first from local authorities and then do your charity thing in special places reserved for that!



Eating a poppy cake and flying to UAE

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Once you arrive to UAE, be ready to go through a close examination at the airport. Even small things like poppy seeds can ruin your entire vacation and get you arrested! This is nonsense, right? Well, guess what?

A Swiss tourist was arrested in Dubai’s airport and punished with 4 years for carrying 3 poppy seeds on his clothes. It is said that the poppy seeds were left in the tourist’s clothes while he was enjoying a poppy cake at Heathrow airport.

So, next time you are flying to UAE, avoid accidentally poppy seeds or bakery products that might contain such contents as they are banned and should be completely avoided!




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