7 Surprising Little Things That Can Get You Arrested In A Foreign Country

If you are a travel enthusiast, you know well that traveling is not only about discovering and exploring new destinations, but about finding, testing, and challenging yourself.

Hence, apart from experiencing the excitement of traveling solo in an unknown city or country, traveling is a great opportunity to meet new faces, discover new cultures, and explore a different and interesting side of yourself which you probably have no idea about!

Traveling is definitely a healthy and rewarding activity that can change you forever after. However, you can easily ruin it if you didn’t plan your trip properly.

For instance, once you pick your travel destination, book your flight ticket, and the hotel room, you should find time to grab your laptop and learn more about your destination’s local laws and rules to avoid any undesirable issues that can easily ruin your vacation.

Some countries can even arrest you for breaking their rules and laws even if you are a tourist.

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