9 Dirty Items That May Ruin Your Cruise Vacation

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Buffet serving utensils


Of course, unless you are germophobic, you won’t bring your own utensils aboard the ship. However, maybe it is not a bad idea after all. Just like your food may become contaminated on the buffet and therefore makes you sick, the buffet serving utensils may not be as clean as you think.

The problem with these utensils is not related to the cleaning staff as much as it is related to people themselves. Think about how many people touched the utensils while helping themselves to a meal and you’ll have an idea about what we are talking about.

Play areas

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When you are trying to book a cruise for you and your family on online travel companies, you most certainly check if they have playing areas for your kids. However, don’t freak out! but unfortunately, not all playing areas on some ships are clean.

According to an inspection, kids playing areas on a ship were found to be soiled with dust and debris. Also, inspectors found glitter and black sediment in the play pool.

That’s the reason why you should be careful and ask the managers about how many times kids’ playing areas get cleaned before letting your children play in there.

Food storage areas


Whether you pay a big stack of dollars or a small one, you have the right to have a hazard-free vacation. And one of the things that people of the cruise industry need to be extra-careful about is food.

Food goes straight to your body, which means that its effect could be instant when not stored and prepared in healthy manners.

Unfortunately, your adventure may be cut short due to some catastrophic storage conditions of some ships who find no shame in putting food in shopping carts and other boxes that could be soiled with dark debris. However, this doesn’t mean that all ships are storing their food this way.


©Serious Eats

While the dishes that you are using to pick food from the buffet may be clean, it has been suggested that the kitchenware that the kitchen staff uses to prepare your meals may not be as sanitary.



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