Avoid Being Scammed On Your Vacation With These 8 Booking Tips

Figures have shown that there are about 500 accommodation bookings that take place every minute. Website booking is changing the way people travel, and online travel companies are making things easier with this technology.

However, just like anything that includes a variety of interlacing systems, there have to be problems that may ruin the experience. One of these problems is travel fraud. In fact, the American Hotel and Lodging Association reported that ¼ clients fall victims of fraud.

The main people receiving accusations are third-party travel resellers. Some of these resellers find no shame in infecting the traveling world with shady marketing practices that make people lose money on around 28.5 million suspicious hotel bookings.

In 2017, the figures were rather scary, and actually, costumers lost $5.2 billion in that year alone. That’s the reason why many experts of the field advise that if you couldn’t find a reliable travel booking agent, then your best option is to book directly with the hotel.


High-Pressure Tactics


Always be careful with messages such as book now with the best online travel booking sites, 2 ROOMS LEFT!! Or, other people are using this best site to book hotel rooms, SALE ENDS TODAY!!

Such messages are misleading and put high pressure on the travelers to book quickly without thinking it through. These are just marketing tactics done by some online travel agents and travel booking websites, which don’t even have access to the entire inventory of the hotel.

In case you need to book a room and you are worried that you may not find any, you can just call your intended accommodation place and get it yourself.

Fake Hotel Website

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There are many online travel companies that have no shame in using the brand’s own name and create fake websites to book rooms. These websites usually include the name of the hotel on the URL, so that you can be sure that you are in an authentic website.

That’s why you need to be extra careful and take your time to examine the reliability of the site_ and that it is not just some third-party scammers.

In case you weren’t sure, you can call the hotel or accommodation place directly and check the website with them; you will also make the hotel aware of the site so that they can take it down.

Identity Theft


Whether you are paying for health insurance, travel insurance, or booking a hotel, you need to make sure that the website you are using is secure before providing your credit card information.

Confirm that the website you are using should have https:// in its URL_ which is different from HTTP:// that doesn’t have an ‘s.’ booking with a website that has security standards gives your credit card more protection and keep your personal information safe.

Don’t risk losing some of your dollars when booking with websites that don’t provide a secure connection; most importantly, don’t get hypnotized by jaw-dropping offers and discounts.

Shady Policies


When you are booking with travel booking companies make certain of the hotel’s cancellation or trip change policy.

You should opt for hotels that provide a loose cancellation and trip-change policy since life is full of surprises and you’ll never know when you are going to need to cancel your trip.

The problem with website booking is that third-party sites don’t give you the opportunity to check these policies, so you may want to put extra efforts and visit the official website of the hotel. This kind of things seems easy with technology, but it actually needs you to dedicate some time to it.

No Transparency


We cannot stress enough that booking for your traveling is not just a click away. It is all a matter of extensive research, specify your needs and then scrutinize the web to find the right accommodation for you. It has been found that clients visit 7 to 10 websites before opting for one hotel.

What many travelers don’t know is that when they are comparing websites, they are stuck between two booking giants who have the biggest shares in the market (Expedia and Booking Holdings.) Maybe sometimes the best solution is to go directly to the hotel’s website and see what they offer.

Extra Fees


We understand that you are in your vacation and that you are adopting the adventurers’ spirit, and the last thing you want to do is calculations.

But in order to avoid being scammed with extra fees, you need to scrutinize the total cost of your staying and look very carefully at your bill before you pay. Some travel booking agents will charge you for their services including reservations and booking fees.

So, again, it is all a matter of how much time you spent reading the policy. It is okay to sacrifice some of your time on social networks to have better travel experiences.

Lost Reservations or Requests

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Imagine surviving long flights, getting through long lines with other flyers at the airport, and getting transportation to your hotel to find out that they are not even aware that you made a reservation or that your requests weren’t conveyed.

Terrible isn’t it? It happens sometimes that booking websites don’t take care of your reservation the way they should and relay your info to the hotel, which can end up ruining your vacation before it begins.

In order to avoid such problems, book directly through the hotel site, or make sure to call them before traveling to confirm your reservation and special requests.

Unsolicited Phone Calls

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Always be extra careful when you receive an unsolicited phone call. The caller may not be necessarily a fraud, it could be a legitimate business, but you should take your time to investigate their legitimacy.

With the videos that are spreading through smartphones that include insights on the scammers’ world. These phone scammers are actually improving year after year and stepping up their game.

This is where we should request you to be smarter than them and don’t fall for their plays. They may hire some callers who have one small detail about your personal information and use it to convince you they are legit.



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