The 7 Hotel Fees To Avoid For A Cheap Journey

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Early Cancellation Hotel Fees

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Normally, you can cancel your room reservation 24 hours before the actual date of reservation without any extra penalty expenses. But now, hotel cancellation deals are no longer on the list. There is nothing called hotel reservation free cancellation.

If you think of canceling your reservation, there are fees that you should pay, especially if you miss the canceling deadline which is identified in three days.

If you miss this shot, you will have to pay for at least one night. Now, this may sound easy, but when changes in plans are involved, you may not have enough time to contact the hotel and cancel the reservation. So this is how you will fall in the trap of early cancellation hotel fees.

The Wi-Fi Mystery

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Can you imagine spending a week or two in a totally foreign place without Wi-Fi? Likely not. The very first thing that comes to your mind when you book your hotel is Wi-Fi service. This is a requirement which is out of question.

Hotels realized the significance of free Wi-Fi services and thought of limiting the access of the lodgers. They created this policy of having free Wi-Fi accessed only by those who booked their rooms through the booking system of the hotel.

This means that if you book your room through a third party, you will have to pay a certain fee to access the Wi-Fi. Resort fees’ hotels include also their Wi-Fi fee in the same hidden way. What you need is not a hotel wifi extender, but rather booking directly through the hotel’s booking site. You may even benefit from a good rate.

The Old Standbyes

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Hotels fees are not a really new trend; it is just that more unreasonable fees are added to the list. Old hotels would charge just as the present ones when it comes to room-service delivery, on-site computers, fax machine, early departure, in-room safe use, business-center use, and baggage-holding fees.

The difference between these fees and the new ones is that the former is expected while the latter is hidden and unexpected. They still can be handled if you do some researching long before booking your room.



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