The Most Expensive And Cheapest Destinations In Europe

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

The Most Expensive And Cheapest Destinations In Europe© Great Value Vacations

Europe’s best value location for this year is Turkey, but Costa del Sol is the cheapest one in all of the Eurozone. According to research by Post Office Travel Money, most Spanish resorts charge more than half of the ones in Italy and France.

Despite the fact that Sterling has not been so strong against many international currencies, it has increased very strongly against the Turkish Lira within the last year. The holidaymakers were earning around 4.5 Turkish Lira/£1 in summer 2017, but now the tourists will be picking 6 Lira/£1.

According to The Post Office, and after a close look at the “beach” goods’ basket, the cost of family meals, and the hiring loungers, they found out that the prices of Marmaris, the resort in South coast Turkey, used to be cheaper by 36% than last July, which means, once the items were added together in the index, Marmaris removed Sunny Beach (Bulgaria) from its spot as the cheapest resort in Europe.

Moreover, the research shows the exceptionally good value that holidaymakers can get in Spain. With only £40.72, you can have a family meal in Costa del Sol (Spain), but in Nice (France) you will get it with £98.31. Not only that, in Sorrento (Italy), the average price of a family meal is £129.08, which is a little painful.




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However, the Balearic Islands have higher costs than the country itself. In fact, Ibiza was rated as one of the most expensive resorts in Europe.

On the other hand, and if the booze is your thing, then you must be aware that the cheapest glass of wine is the one on the Algarve (Portugal), and it costs only £1.13. Ibiza and Poreč (Croatia), however, offer one glass of wine for £3.50.

According to The Post Office Travel Money, Croatia has raised its prices by about 18.5% since summer 2017. Plus, the prices in Limassol (Cyprus) got higher, too, since last year.



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