What Foods You Cannot Take With You To The Airport

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

For the sake of reducing the risk of transporting plant pests, it is forbidden to take any veggies and fruits with you if you travel journey kicks off from Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, or Hawaii.

Sadly, these places are the perfect spots to get fresh tropical fruits of all kinds, but unfortunately, carrying them is not allowed. While you are there, try to enjoy the taste of nature.

Frozen foods

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It is weird how some people love taking all that they have at home, food in particular, when they travel. They probably think they will starve on their way or there will be no eatable foods served in their destinations.

At all rights, the TSA has got a different opinion about carrying frozen foods for instance. You may be considering to pack few Edwards frozen pies, frozen Mexican dinners, and other lean cuisine meals in your checked or carry-on bag.

But there is something that is escaping your notice here: how are the frozen foods supposed to remain frozen without ICE? To carry frozen foods, you need to have a cooler with a block of completely frozen ice otherwise, your bag will not get through the security line.

Live lobster


We all feel super glad when finally finding cheap international tickets to the destination where we wish to go. Then comes the most awaited moment of the year: the plane booking moment.

Few minutes later, you realize that you got your online airline ticket, your destination is waiting for you. Wait a sec! Don’t jump to the next stage before you pass the one you are in now: PACKING. Have you ever heard about someone who packed a whole live lobster in a travel case?

Well, some people do this for real. If you are seriously thinking about packing one in your bag, check with your airline first, then pack it in a plastic and clear container to be inspected by the TSA agents in the checkpoint.

Airlines put a comprehensive list of all things which are banned from being transported aboard.



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