Top 7 Great Wildlife Walks You Should Do


Last Updated on January 6, 2021

There is no better way to stay in shape, clear your mind from the stress and hectic pace of everyday life, and discover pure and enchanting places than to do wildlife walks through Mother Nature. Walking through green and natural spaces, listen to the pacifying sound of running river water, observe wild animals in their natural habitat – as long as you do it at a good distance because they are unpredictable, among many other benefits of taking long walks it is an extraordinary therapy that everyone should experience. What are the best wildlife walks you should do? This is what we will show you by introducing you to the seven great wildlife walks that you can do alone or, preferably, in the company of friends or family. These are great trails that can be taken in a park or nature reserve, and that will bring you closer to yours and substantially improve your health. They are:

1. Murray River Walk, Australia – The Land of Kangaroos And More!

The Murray River Walk is the best wildlife walks you and your closest friends or family can do in Australia. This hike allows you to explore the Murray River banks – the longest river in Australia, and meet a variety of wild animals and water birds along the route. It is nothing new for anyone to see kangaroos in Australia and the Murray River Walk is no exception. There, you can find the natural habitat of the red kangaroo, but not only. You can also see spoonbills with a yellow beak, white ibis, royal spoonbills, kites, and many other animals that inhabit this region. And you cannot forget the incredible lagoons, eucalyptus forests, and the spectacular red ocher-colored cliffs, among different stunning landscapes. The Murray River Walk is one of the most peaceful and fun wildlife walks you can do. It is a 40km walk on flat terrain (you can walk about 15 km a day) that offers you the possibility to stay overnight in a houseboat for three nights. Is there a better adventure and experience than this?


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