What People Have For Breakfast Around The World

Last Updated on February 7, 2021

12. Italy

In a country with so many wonderful treats like Italy, breakfast seems pretty light. A beautiful cappuccino made with the best coffee beans (strong, of course) and a delicious croissant. Thus, there is more space for lunch pasta and pizza for dinner.

13. Japan

Have you ever imagined eating a tofu breakfast? That’s what the Japanese do almost every day. Dipped in soy sauce and ginger zest, food is a very healthy option to start the day. In addition to tofu, Japanese people also appreciate rice and fish cuts to eat as soon as they wake up. All this diversity of breakfasts is democratic, as it is hard to please the palates. Even with the most exotic tastes, as the Irish do, don’t they? If you have your mouth watered but don’t see many possibilities to taste them, don’t be discouraged. If in the city where you live there is no typical restaurant or natural friend of the place whose cuisine you want to try, it is possible to make the vast majority of these treats at home!


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