7 Surprising Little Things That Can Get You Arrested In A Foreign Country


Collecting Seashells, Feeding Fish, And Carrying Play Cards Is Prohibited In Thailand

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Yes, you read it right! This might be the weirdest thing you will ever hear but it’s a fact. So, next time you are in Thailand, make sure you respect their laws or you will easily end up spending your long-awaited trip in jail.

No matter how beautiful the seashells and corals look, fight your temptation and collect them not. You might need to hear the story of Russian tourists who bought some souvenirs and then were taken into custody. The girls paid $2,000 each to save themselves from spending one whole year in jail.

And guess what? That’s not everything as when you are in Thailand, you should also avoid feeding the fish living in waters. The latter is considered a crime and you might be imprisoned for one whole year.

Also, playing cards while sunbathing might not be a great idea as the local law prohibits the possession of more than 120 playing cards. Once you become a suspect of gambling or caught with more than 2 card decks, you will be directly taken to jail.




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