Here are The 8 Craziest Wedding Destinations Of The Year

Last Updated on January 7, 2021


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Honestly speaking, this is the genuine meaning of crazy wedding venues of all times. You can celebrate your wedding in the most peculiar way ever outside the present world. A celebration of a wedding like astronauts.

This will cost you a whole fortune to get a wedding venue reservation in the cosmos. Is not it interesting and crazy at the same time? Virgin Galactic’s is a launched company which promises people romantic in-space weddings out of the usual box.

If you think that this is the perfect way to celebrate your wedding, you’d better get a new suitcase which can be easily carried on a spaceship and get rid of those luxurious and fancy Aimee Westenberg luggage.

You will be spending three days preceding your actual spaceflight in Mexico. There you will be prepared to kick off a life-changing experience.

People do not care anymore about ugly wedding dresses or pretty ones nor do they show interest in finding the best online travel booking websites to travel to regular spots like the Bahamas or the Maldives.

People are hungry for life-changing experiences to mark the very first day of their marital life. Would you pay a fortune and celebrate your wedding in one of these crazy destinations? Tell us in a comment!



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