Here Are 10 Small Christmas Towns With The Most Amazing Holiday Spirit

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

From December 1 to December 17, the whole town will be enlightened by thousands of lights. There are many activities you can do during this time of year in Leavenworth that will help you make use of this glittering wintry wonderland.



Natchitoches, Louisiana

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Natchitoches is the oldest town in Louisiana where Steel Magnolias, the movie, took place. Regardless of the season, this place always looks gorgeous, but from November 18 to January 6, this town blossoms to a spectacular Christmas town with over 400,000 lights.

Every year, Natchitoches hosts a Christmas Festival that includes tours of historic homes, a parade, fireworks over the lake, and many more. This year will be its 90th, so try to not miss it!



Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


If you are living in Pennsylvania, then don’t hesitate to take a long, beautiful road trip to Bethlehem to experience Christmas in a unique and amazing way. Not only will you enjoy the lights and decorations, but also the rich history and all the great stories from the 1700s.

From November 17 to January 14, you will get a chance to have a glimpse of the eliminated Victorian and colonial architecture.



McAdenville, North Carolina

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Do you know why small towns are the greatest destinations for the holidays? McAdenville is able to give us the answer by showing how a population of 651 can create one of the prettiest Christmas decorations and holiday extravaganzas that many other cities can’t do.

The events are endless during the entire month, and since the Christmas of 1950, children pull the Yule log on a sled to the town, followed by visitors and residents. Once it reaches downtown, the annual Christmas Town Festival begins.




  1. This would be awesome; this must be something, say in the last 30 years; it was not like this when I lived there; I am so glad it is what it is and where it is. Thanks much for the pix

  2. Prescott! Been there on business…whomever would of thought of this beauty…go Prescott go.

  3. Leavenworth! What comes to mind first is the Prison….this is gorgeous, so very well done; the people that live there are fortunate and those that can see this are also.
    Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays.

  4. Where the hec is Frankenmuth Michigan in this survey??? Bronners Christmas store largest in America!!


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