Top 10 Popular Airplane Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

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Many of the scary, disgusting, and worrisome stories you’ve heard about airplanes are actually not true or never were in the first place!

It’s time you stop believing these common airplane myths if you want to start enjoying the stress-free and delightful flights you deserve.

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Those scary airplane movie scenes have nothing to do with reality


One of the things that you almost never hear about airplane travel is that it has become safer than ever. As a matter of fact, last year registered 0 fatalities caused by commercial airline crashes.

Plus, according to statistics, even though air travel has become increasingly growing in popularity, deadly accidents have been rapidly decreasing.


The truth about oxygen masks…

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You may have already heard that oxygen masks found on airplanes don’t have any oxygen supply. Well, guess what! It’s not true.

Actually, in the rare event, an airplane lost pressure, passengers would be unconscious within 45 seconds and die within a few minutes!

But this never happens because the mask provides about 12-minute-worth of oxygen. Plus, this period of time is more than enough for the pilot to go down to a breathable altitude.


The real reason why you should turn off your device…

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Leaving your smartphone on during takeoff and landing will definitely not disturb the navigation of the airplane. So, the real reason they ask you to turn off your devices is that you need be paying full attention during takeoff and landing for safety reasons and in case you need to take action should anything go wrong.



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