Top 10 Popular Airplane Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Last Updated on January 7, 2021


No, it doesn’t rain pee and poop

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It’s time to debunk this disgusting myth! Pilots actually do not empty the toilet waste in the middle of a flight. Water is the only thing that can be physically thrown out of an airplane, and this must be done via particular sinks only.

Otherwise, they’d risk something sticking to the aircraft and resulting in navigation issues. So, please tell everyone you know that flushing nasty stuff out of planes never happens.


The cabin air is not your enemy

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Many passengers believe that cabin air can make them sick, presumably because it recycles germs of other in-flight mates. Although it’s true that the dry cabin air can help germs to spread, the fact remains that the cabin air is changed every 3 minutes using hospital grade filters that eliminate about 95% of bacteria.


The autopilot does not control the airplane

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One famous unsolved mystery about air travel is how the autopilot functions, so many people assume that autopilot does fly airplanes.

But this is just not true because the autopilot is basically a highly advanced form of GPS that provides the pilot with input and support regarding position and direction. This means there must always be a human to control the plane.


Pilots don’t escape the Bermuda Triangle


Unlike what many people believe, airplanes aren’t banned from flying over the Bermuda Triangle. Although this place has a terrible reputation for aircraft crashes and disappearances, it is still not rational to restrict airlines from transporting people or to block flights that need this route for one reason or another.



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